What we provide is not only a contemporary decorated event venue, but also a venue that caters for every kind of event. Our in-house event stylists can be of your assitance to help you execute a WOW event in every sense of the word.


This room is a dance/yoga studio, it has floor to ceiling mirrors on one side of the wall. It is a soothing space with lot of natural light. Comes fully equipped with state of the art bluetooth speaker for all your workout needs.


The main room at our space which comprises of a 160 inch HD LED screen, a ball-pit which is equally fun for kids and young adults and a lot of empty space which you can use as per your party needs, be it a birthday party, a farewell party or a networking event.


Looking to host a workshop? You can use different areas in our space to host a workshop be it a cooking class, slime making class, book club, art class etc.


To experience gaming on a 160 HD LED screen is something which is inexpressible in words – all we can say is that this is the WOW at The Wow Factor HK and you need to use it to experience it. Comes fully equipped with PlayStation Pro consoles along with VR consoles.


Looking for a space to train your new staff or have meetings with a number of associates which would not be possible in a small office space? This room is your answer. Comes equipped with a large meeting table, comfortable leather chairs together with a HD screen which can connect to your tablet or laptop for presentations/trainings


Whether you want a space for a group of kids to play fun board games or teenagers to topple over a fun game of Twister. Adults to unwind over a friendly recreational game of poker or just a traditional foozball challenge – this room has it all, also equipped with a 55 inch HD TV with PlayStation Pro consoles and access to all sport channels of your choice. It is one power-packed room at our space which breathes ENTERTAINMENT.